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Australia was represented in table tennis at the 1960 Summer Paralympics.In the early Games, many Australian table tennis players represented Australia in several sports. It was won 8 medals - 2 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals.
Gold medallists are:

Medal tally[edit]

1960 Rome0101
1964 Tokyo1034
1968 Tel-Aviv0101
1972 Heidelberg0000
1976 Toronto0000
1980 Arnhem0000
1984 Stoke Mandeville1001
1988 Seoul0000
1992 Barcelona0000
1996 Atlanta0000
2000 Sydney*0000
2004 Athens0000
2008 Beijing0000
2012 London0000
2016 Rio0101
Totals (15 games)2338

Summer Paralympic Games[edit]


Australia represented by:
Men - Bruno Moretti, Bill Mather-Brown[1]
Australia won a silver medal in Men's Doubles B - Bruno Moretti, Bill Mather-Brown


Australia represented by:
Men - Allan McLucas
Women - Daphne Ceeney, Marion O'Brien, Elaine Schreiber [1]
Australia won 1 gold and 3 bronze medals.


Australia represented by:
Men - Kevin Bawden, Alan Conn, Kevin Coombs, John Martin, Bill Mather-Brown, Allan McLucas, Bruno Moretti, Jimmy Newton, Tony South, Don Watts
Women - Lorraine Dodd, Daphne Hilton, Cherrie Loydstrom, Marion O'Brien, Elaine Schreiber, Pam Smith [1]
Australia won 1 silver medal in Women's Doubles C - Marion O'Brien, Elaine Schreiber.


Australia represented by:
Men – Bob Millan, Cliff Rickard
Women - ? [1]
Australia did not win any medals.


Australia represented by:
MenKevin Bawden, Wayne Flood, Ray Letheby, Peter Marsh, John Martin, Ross Soutar
WomenElaine Schreiber
[1] Australia did not win any medals.


Australia represented by:
Men – Donald Dann, Peter Marsh, John Martin, John Sheil, Charlie Tapscott [1]
Australia did not win any medals.


Australia represented by:
MenTerry Biggs, Paul Croft, Joe Marlow, Errol Smith [1] Australian won a gold medal through Terry Biggs performance.


Australia represented by:
Men – Geoffrey Barden, Marcel Bucello, Paul Croft, Gary Croker, Jeremy Halloran, Craig Parson, John Sheil, Ian Simpson
Women – Carmel Williams[1]
Australia did not win any medals.


Australian table tennis player Csaba Bobary playing in Barcelona Paralympics

Australia represented by:
Men – Csaba Bobory [1][2]
Australia won no medals.


No athletes


Australia represented by:

Men - Bill Medley, Ross Schurgott
Officials - Head Coach - Joe Hoad (Head) ; Officials - Carmel Medley
Australia was given two wild card entries due to it being the host nation. It did not win any medals as no athlete progressed past the first round.[1][3]


No athletes


Australia represented by:
Women - Rebecca Julian, Sarah Lazzaro
Officials - Head Coach - Brian Berry, Section Manager - Barbara Talbot Catherine Morrow was selected but withdrew from the team.[4][5]

Australia did not win any medals.


Australia represented by:
Women- Melissa Tapper, Rebecca McDonnell
Officials - Head Coach - Alois Rosario ; Team Leader - Roger Massie
Australia did not win any medals.


Australia represented by:
Women- Daniela Di Toro, Melissa Tapper, Andrea McDonnell (d)
Men- Barak Mizrachi (d), Samuel Von Einem (d)
Officials - Head Coach - Alois Rosario ; Team Leader - Roger Massie

Sam Von Einem in winning the silver medal won Australia's first medal since Terry Biggs won gold in 1984.

(d)= Paralympic Games debut

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