Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest 1982

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Eurovision Song Contest 1982
Country Austria
National selection
Selection processNational Final
Selection date(s)25 March 1982
Selected entrantMess
Selected song"Sonntag"
Finals performance
Final result9th, 57 points
Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Austria was represented by Mess, with the song "Sonntag", at the 1982 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in Harrogate on 24 April. Mess was the winner of the Austrian national final for the contest, held on 25 March. The song was chosen through a national final organised by broadcaster ORF.

Mess were Lizzy Engstler & Michael Scheickl (aka Fritz).

Before Eurovision[edit]

National final[edit]

The final was held at the ORF-Zentrum in Vienna, hosted by Andreas Steppan. The winning song was chosen by 290 people who voted by telephone.[1]

Final – 25 March 1982
Draw Artist Song Points Place
1 Mainstreet "Marionetten theater" 196 12
2 Lizzy Engstler "Du" 534 4
3 Wallner & Licha "Tagebücher" 421 9
4 Mainstreet "Pop-musik" 514 5
5 Sheila Edwards "Bitte, vergiss mich" 197 11
6 Mess "Sonntag" 1,655 1
7 Rusty & Jay "Sing ganz einfach ein lied" 743 3
8 Mainstreet "Ja ja, oui oui, si si, yes yes, ja ja" 209 10
9 Windecker & Wessler "Zeit" 436 8
10 Fritz "Träumen" 507 6
11 Aniko Benkö, Lia Burger & Helmut Arent "Marionetten" 460 7
12 Mainstreet "Rock 'n' roll revival" 798 2

At Eurovision[edit]

On the night of the final Mess performed 10th in the running order, following Sweden and preceding Belgium. At the close of voting "Sonntag" placing Austria 9th of the 18 entries. The Austrian jury awarded its 12 points to the winner song from United Kingdom.[2]

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