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Ayikwei Bulley
Herbert Claudius Ayikwei Bulley

Spouse(s)Jemima Bulley
Academic background
Alma mater
Academic work
InstitutionsUniversity of Ghana

Herbert Claudius Ayikwei Bulley (1925–2002) was a Ghanaian social scientist. He is known for his pioneering work as a promoter of the study of psychology in Ghana.[1][2] He has been described as a founding father of the Department of Psychology at the University of Ghana.[3][4] and often referred to as the promoter of psychology in Ghana. Bulley is a former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ghana.


Bulley was born in 1925. He was educated at the Accra Academy, before going on to the University of London and then Columbia University and also the University of Toronto.

Bulley started his academic career as a lecturer in the Department of Sociology. In October 1967, he was transferred to the Department of Psychology to support Cyril Edward Fiscian as a teaching faculty member in starting the department. With his arrival, the teaching staff numbered only two. In the Lent term, Gustav Jahoda, Professor of Psychology at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow came in as a Visiting professor in the department. Bulley eventually became the chair of the Department of Psychology, and acted for many years.[5][6]

On 10 January 1968, Bulley was made Vice-Master of Akuafo Hall. On 1 April 1968 he was made Senior Tutor of Akuafo Hall and was appointed in that same year to act as Hall Master from 1968 to 1975.[5][7] On 21 January 1981 he delivered a public lecture marking the Golden Jubilee of the Accra Academy chaired by Nathan Quao at the British Council Hall in Accra.[8]


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