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Burrell Clark Burchfiel (born March 21, 1934)[1] is an American structural geologist. Born in Stockton, California, he earned his Ph.D. in 1961 at Yale University. His first academic appointment was to the Geology department at Rice University. He is the Schlumberger Professor Emeritus of Geology at MIT[2]. Research interests: Origin, development, and structural evolution of the continental crust. His current work involves study of the geological history and evolution of the Tibetan plateau.

Professor Burchfiel joined the MIT faculty in 1976. Over his career he has written close to 200 papers and mentored more than 50 graduate students. [2]

Selected publications[edit]

B. C. Burchfiel, Structural geology of the Spector Range Quadrangle, Nevada, and its regional significance, GSA Bulletin; February 1965; v. 76; no. 2; p. 175-191

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B. C. Burchfiel and G. A. Davis, Nature and controls of Cordilleran orogenesis, western United States: Extensions of an earlier synthesis, American Journal of Science; 1975,; v. 275; no. A; p. 363-396

Burchfiel, B.C., and Davis, G.A., 1981, Mojave Desert and environs, in Ernst, W.G., ed., The geotectonic development of California (Rubey volume 1): Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall, p. 217-252.

B. Clark Burchfiel, Brian Wernicke, James H. Willemin, Garry J. Axen & C. Scott Cameron, A new type of decollement thrusting, Nature 300, 513 - 515 (9 December 1982) Abstract

Peter Molnar, B. Clark Burchfiel, Liang K'uangyi, and Zhao Ziyun, Geologic Evolution of Northern Tibet: Results of an Expedition to Ulugh Muztagh, 1987, Science Vol. 235. no. 4786, pp. 299 – 305. Abstract

B. Clark Burchfiel, and L. H. Royden, Antler Orogeny; a mediterranean-type orogeny, Geology; January 1991; v. 19; no. 1; p. 66-69

B. C. Burchfiel, D. S. Cowan, and G. A. Davis, 1992, Tectonic overview of the Cordilleran orogen in the western U. S., in Burchfiel, B. C., Lipman, P. W., and Zoback, M. L., eds., The Cordilleran Orogen: conterminous U. S.: The Geology of North America, Volume G-3, Decade of North American Geology, Geological Society of America, Boulder, p. 407-480.

Burchfiel, B. C. and Nakov, R. (2015), The multiply deformed foreland fold-thrust belt of the Balkan orogen, northern Bulgaria. Geosphere, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 463-490, doi: 10.1130/ges01020.1

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