BL 9.2-inch Mk VIII naval gun

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Ordnance BL 9.2-inch Mk VIII gun
BL 9.2 inch Mk VIII gun diagram Brasseys 1899.jpg
TypeNaval gun
Place of originUnited Kingdom
Service history
In service1897–1918
Used byRoyal Navy
Production history
No. built6
Mass25 tons barrel & breech[1]
Barrel length368.7 inches (9,360 mm) (40.08 calibres)[1]

Shell380 pounds (170 kg)[1]
Calibre9.2-inch (233.7 mm)
Muzzle velocity2,347 feet per second (715 m/s)[2]
Maximum firing range12,400 yards (11,300 m)[1]

The BL 9.2-inch Mk VIII naval gun[3] was designed for the new cordite propellants and was the first British wire-wound gun of this calibre.

Naval service[edit]

The guns were mounted on the Powerful-class cruisers from 1897 until their decommissioning. After they were decommissioned some of the guns were used in coast defence in the UK, and from 1916 on one was mounted on the monitor HMS Marshal Ney.

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  3. ^ Mk VIII = Mark 8. Britain used Roman numerals to denote Marks (models) of ordnance until after World War II. Mark VIII indicates this was the eighth model of BL 9.2-inch naval gun.


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