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PredecessorMadhu Singh
SuccessorDurjan Sal
IssueDurjan Sal
FatherMadhu Singh

Bairisal was a Nagvanshi king in 17th century. He succeeded his father Madhu Singh in 1599. His capital was at Khukhragarh.

He visited Delhi and accompanied Emperor Akbar on many of his expeditions. The emperor pleased with his heroic deeds rewarded him with a dress of honour and other valuable gifts. The pargana of Sherghati was conferred on him. After return from court, Bairisal transferred his capital from Khukhragarh to Navratangarh. In 1613, he rebelled. According to Baharistan-i-Ghaibi, a campaign was launched against Bairisal because he failed to fulfil the payment of diamonds weighing 30 misqals as peshkash(offer). The campaign was led by Zafar Khan and he was on the verge of achieving victory when the news of the death of Islam Khan, the governor of Bengal, force him to make a settlement. He succeeded by his son Durjan Sal in 1614.[1][2][3]


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