Basilica Therma

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Basilica Therma
Kral Kızı Hamamı (in Turkish)
Basilica Therma is located in Turkey
Basilica Therma
Shown within Turkey
Alternative nameSarıkaya Roma Hamamı
LocationTerzili Hamam, Yozgat Province, Turkey[1]
Coordinates39°29′41.7″N 35°22′34.7″E / 39.494917°N 35.376306°E / 39.494917; 35.376306Coordinates: 39°29′41.7″N 35°22′34.7″E / 39.494917°N 35.376306°E / 39.494917; 35.376306
TypePublic Bath
Founded2nd century
Site notes
Public accessYes

Basilica Therma (Turkish: Kral Kızı Hamamı or Sarıkaya Roma Hamamı) is an ancient Roman spa town located in the Yozgat province of Turkey.

The bath was built in the 2nd century and used in Byzantine, Selcuk and Ottoman periods and still open to the public in modern Turkey.[2]

The large thermal pool measures 23,30x12,80 meters and has a depth of 1.34 meters. Pool water is about 45°C. There is an inner pool measuring 16.00x4.00 meters with symmetrical ladders on its both sides. The third pool with thermal water boiling from the floor is positioned perpendicular to the inner pool. The pool is 15.00x5.20 meters with a semi-circular shape on its short sides.[3]

The bath is added to the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites Tentative List in 2018.


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