Basilica of Lourdes, Santiago

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Basilica of Lourdes

The Basilica of Lourdes is a church in Santiago, Chile. It stands laterally opposite the Quinta Normal Park.

The basilica was planned in the 1930s.[1] Designed by architects Eduardo Costabal and Andrés Garafulic, the church is built in the neo-Byzantine style.[1] It features stained glass windows by Gabriel Loire Studio, covering 650 m2 (7,000 sq ft).[1] The base of the main dome is ringed by 16 statues of prophets, which is a work by sculptor Lily Garafulic.[1]

A Gruta de Lourdes faces the main facade of the basilica, which gives its name to the relatively nearby Gruta de Lourdes metro station.


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Coordinates: 33°26′18.3″S 70°41′9.9″W / 33.438417°S 70.686083°W / -33.438417; -70.686083