Battle of Meissen

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Battle of Meissen
Part of the Third Silesian War (Seven Years' War)
Date4 December 1759
Saxony Meissen, Saxony, present-day Germany
Result Austrian victory
Holy Roman Empire Austria Kingdom of Prussia Prussia
Commanders and leaders
Holy Roman Empire Philipp Levin von Beck Kingdom of Prussia Kaspar Christoph von Diericke (POW)
8,000 3,500
Casualties and losses
72 killed
115 wounded
400 killed or wounded
1,543 captured

The Battle of Meissen (4 December 1759) was an Austrian victory over a larger Prussian army during the Third Silesian War (part of the Seven Years' War). An Austrian force under the command of general Beck assaulted 3,500 Prussian troops under Diericke at Meissen, overwhelming them and driving the survivors across the Elbe. The Prussians lost 400 men in the action and 1,543 fell prisoner. Austrian losses were few, totalling only 72 killed and 115 wounded.[1] The Austrians secured an important victory, which effectively kept their ally Saxony in the war.


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Coordinates: 51°09′49″N 13°28′39″E / 51.1636°N 13.4775°E / 51.1636; 13.4775