Battle of Neukalen

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Battle of Neukalen
Part of the Pomeranian War (Seven Years' War)
Date2 January 1762
Result Swedish victory
 Sweden  Prussia
Commanders and leaders
Sweden Carl Constantin De Carnall Kingdom of Prussia Wilhelm Sebastian von Belling


8 battalions,
200 cavalry[1]


3–5 battalions,
10 squadrons[1][2]
Casualties and losses


37 killed,
137 wounded


50 killed,
120 wounded,
180 captured

The Battle of Neukalen was a battle at Neukalen of the Seven Years' War between Swedish and Prussian forces fought on January 2, 1762. The Swedish force under the command of Carl Constantin De Carnall managed to rout the Prussian forces camping on a hill next to the town of Malchin. This was the last battle of the Swedish and Prussian troops during the war.[1]


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