Battle of Opole

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Battle of Opole
Part of the Mongol invasion of Poland
Dateearly April 1241
Result Mongol victory
Mongol Empire Poles (from the provinces of Silesia and Lesser Poland)
Commanders and leaders
unknown Władysław Opolski
unknown unknown
Casualties and losses
unknown unknown

The Battle of Opole took place in the Polish town of Opole, in early April 1241, during the Mongol invasion of Poland. It ended in the victory of the Mongol forces, who defeated knights from Opole Silesia and Lesser Poland, headed by Duke Wladyslaw Opolski.

In late March 1241, Mongol forces, which had previously been divided into two armies, reunited in the area of Kraków. On April 1, the invaders headed westwards, to the Polish province of Silesia. After a skirmish near Raciborz, the Mongols decided not to besiege well-fortified Raciborz. Instead, they followed the Oder towards Opole. There, they faced units from Lesser Poland (the provinces of Kraków and Sandomierz), reinforced with knights of Duke of Opole, Wladyslaw. Since the Poles were numerically inferior, they retreated after a short battle. The Mongols followed them towards Wrocław, and Legnica (see Battle of Legnica).


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