Battle of Taliwa

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The Battle of Taliwa was fought in Ball Ground, Georgia in 1755. The battle was part of a larger campaign of Cherokees, with 500 men led by Oconostota (c. 1710–1783), against the Muscogee Creek people.[1] The Cherokees won the Battle of Taliwa. After they pushed the Muscogee people south from their northern Georgia homelands, Cherokees began settling in northern Georgia.

During the war, a Cherokee warrior named Kingfisher was killed, and his wife, Nancy Ward (c. 1738–c. 1822) joined the battle and led the Cherokees to victory.[1]

Historical landmark[edit]

The Georgia State Historical Landmark is located on Georgia State Highway 372 by Ball Ground's downtown railroad crossing. It states:[2]


Two and one-half miles to the east, near the confluence of Long-Swamp Creek and the Etowah River, is the traditional site of Taliwa, scene of the fiercest and most decisive battle in the long war of the 1740s and 50s between the Cherokee and Creek Indians.

There, about 1755, the great Cherokee war chief, Oconostota, led 500 of his warriors to victory over a larger band of Creeks. So complete was the defeat that the Creeks retreated south of the Chattahoochee River, leaving their opponents the region later to become the heart of the ill-fated Cherokee Nation.



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