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Battle of the Damned

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Battle of the Damned
Battle of the Damned (2013) Movie poster.png
Theatrical release poster
Directed byChristopher Hatton
Produced byEhud Bleiberg
Christopher Hatton
Leon Tong
Written byChristopher Hatton
Music by
  • Joe Ng Ting
  • Si Hao
CinematographyRoger Chingirian
Edited byDanny Rafic
Bleiberg Entertainment
Distributed byAnchor Bay Entertainment
Release date
  • July 12, 2013 (2013-07-12)
Running time
89 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$8 million[citation needed]

Battle of the Damned is a 2013 American science fiction action horror film written, produced and directed by Christopher Hatton. The film stars Dolph Lundgren, Melanie Zanetti, Matt Doran and David Field.[1][2] Following a deadly viral outbreak, private soldier Max Gatling (Lundgren) leads a handful of survivors and a team of robots in a fight against an army of the dead.

Lundgren said of the film, "This time I'm up against virus-infected human zombies, 'Eaters' as we call them. Max is sent into an infected, abandoned city to find the daughter of a rich industrialist. He gets more than he bargained for. 'I wish I would've asked for more money', in Max's own words. Fortunately I enlist some kick-ass, run-away robots to help me in the battle".[1]


A group of mercenaries led by Maj. Max Gatling are fleeing from a failed rescue attempt, having been hired by a rich industrialist to enter a zombie-infested city to rescue his daughter Jude. At the extraction point, Gatling tells the other survivor he is staying to find Jude and complete the mission. He eventually locates Jude and tells her he is going to get her out of the city, and she takes him to other survivors. There, he is introduced to the survivors including group leader Duke, Reese, Elvis, Lynn, and Anna. Jude is revealed to be in a relationship with Reese and pregnant with his child. The next day when Gatling, Jude, and the others go out to retrieve gasoline from a gas station, Gatling attempts to get Jude out of the city by force when she refuses to go without the others. However, he is stopped by the others and left for dead. After discovering Jude is pregnant, Reese rushes to Gatling's aid so that Jude can be taken out of the city. At this point it is revealed that not only is Jude's father some rich industrialist, but he is also the one who caused the zombie pandemic. While returning to the stronghold to get Jude, Gatling and Reese discover a band of prototype non-programmed robots. Gatling reprograms the robots and proceeds to the stronghold. When it is revealed that the city is to be firebombed, Gatling and all of the survivors make preparations to escape.

On the day of the escape, Gatling, Jude, the survivors, and the robots shoot down and kill many zombies along the way. When taking defensive positions while being attacked at a junkyard, Duke ditches them all and hides away. The robots also malfunction and one begins to attack Gatling. Gatling destroys the robot, and the rest of them reboot. Gatling, Jude, Reese, and the remaining survivors escape the junkyard in a car being pushed by the remaining robots. Duke is left behind and eaten by zombies. Gatling and the others then arrive at a car parking complex and go underground while the robots hold back the zombies. Once the Zombies start swarming the car park, Gatling and the others struggle to fight them off. Gatling finds that one of the robots is still functioning and he sends it to find Jude.

As the firebombing starts and reaches the complex, Gatling, Jude, and Reese jump into a partly flooded level of the complex to escape the fire. Once the firebombing ceases, Jude and Reese leave the complex, and all of the city is shown to be entirely destroyed. They meet up with Gatling, who reveals to Reese that his mission is not only to take Jude home, but to kill anybody that can whistle-blow on the outbreak. But knowing that Jude and Reese are expecting, Gatling decides to let Reese live and the three of them leave together with the robot, having survived, who Gatling asks to get him a coffee.


  • Dolph Lundgren as Major Max Gatling
  • Melanie Zanetti as Jude
  • Matt Doran as Reese
  • David Field as Duke
  • Jen Kuo Sung as Elvis
  • Lydia Look as Lynn
  • Oda Maria as Anna
  • Jeff Pruitt as Smiley
  • Kerry Wong as Dean
  • Esteban Cueto as Hernandez
  • Broadus Mattison as Broadus
  • Timothy Cooper as Robot (Voice)


The film was released on December 26, 2013, in the United Kingdom[3] and February 18, 2014 in the United States.[4]


Battle of the Damned was met with mixed reviews. Peter Turner of Filmoria gave it two out of five stars and called it "Damned Disappointing", commenting that "Lundgren may be passed his prime and the zombies far outweigh the robots but Battle of the Damned does give a lot of bang for its limited bucks."[5] gave the film a seven out of 10 and commented on their bottom line: "Well shot, action packed, with most of the cast being competent (I loved Melanie Zanetti), Battle of the Damned hit the trashy pleasure spot! Sure the middle section got bogged down a bit, the budget constraints sometimes showed, the shaky cam was annoying at times and Oda Maria's top staying on was a travesty (there was no other purpose to that role), but on the whole Lundgren + Zombies + Robots + Mayhem = ALL GOOD! For B Movie lovers only!"[6] Manly Movie gave the film a three out of 10, commenting that "It's a horror show alright, a torture show even, but not for the reasons intended. And they say the best torture makes time drag on. Battle of the Damned is confirmation of this, it's the longest 85 minutes I've experienced in some time."[7] Ben Bussey of Brutal as Hell wrote, "While it sadly lacks the budget to really do justice to its madcap vision, it doesn’t neglect to bring us a likeable cast and plenty of breezy banter. The end result isn’t likely to become anyone’s new favourite movie, but it’s a diverting enough 90 minutes."[8] Patrick Bromley of DVD Verdict wrote that the execution fails to live up to the potential of the simple premise.[9] Nav Qateel of Influx Magazine rated it C+ and wrote, "So, putting the many faults aside, it still had its moments, and ultimately entertained, thanks to some good acting, not bad action and silly zombies."[10] Brent McKnight of PopMatters rated it 3/10 and wrote that the film's absurdity carries it for a time, but there is nothing else to fall back to.[11] Neil John Buchanan of Starburst rated it 8/10 stars and wrote, "Forget The Walking Dead, Battle of the Damned takes the genre back to its grass roots of horror."[3]


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