Bayan Shirey

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Bayan Shirey
Grape (Vitis)
Color of berry skinWhite
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Bayan Shirey is a high-quality local grape variety native to Azerbaijan[1]. Named after the village of Bayan, Dashkesan region of Azerbaijan.

The variety is successfully cultivated in the Russian Federation (Dagestan), Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan[2].

Bunches weigh 180-190 grams. Vegetation period is 160-165 days.

Bayan Shirey is also the name for a white wine made from the Bayan Shirey grape variety grown in some areas of Azerbaijan.[3]


In Azerbaijan Bayan Shirey is also known under the synonyms "Bayanshire", "Bayanshira" “Agh uzum”, “Agh shira”, “Banan uzum”.