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Beaming In

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Beaming In
ChrisRush Beaming In.jpg
Live album by Chris Rush
Released 1981
Venue The Other End
Studio The Hit Factory
Genre Comedy
Length 50:33
Label City Sounds (original release) (re-release)
Producer Allan Landon
Chris Rush chronology
First Rush
Beaming In
There's No Bones in Ice Cream

Beaming In is the second album by American comedian Chris Rush.[1] The album was released in 1981 on City Sounds, which is a subsidiary of MMO Music Group Inc. 25 years after the initial release it was re-released through the online record label, Laugh, onto CD and digital download.

Track listing

Side one

  1. Mutant Blues
  2. End of the World Funnies
  3. The Missile Silo (The Missile Silo) (1984)
  4. Fun City
  5. Bambi Basher
  6. Grass (Too High) (Reefer Madness) (Good Ship Lollipop) (Sucking The Bosco Pump)
  7. Beaming In
  8. Aliens (Exchange Student From Alpha Centauri) (Close Encounters) (Pet Human)
  9. Chariot of the Gods

Side two

  1. Sky Lab
  2. Farts in Space
  3. Son of Future Shock
  4. Test Tube Baby
  5. Computer Bummer
  6. Monkey Party
  7. Dolphins
  8. Cave Man Love
  9. Amityville Horror
  10. Bermuda Triangle
  11. 10,000 Lb. Goober
  12. Star Trek II
  13. Living Together


  • Steve Prinias – Engineer
  • Malcome Addey - Engineering consultant
  • Joe Barbaria – Mix engineer, editing engineer
  • David Prentice – Editing engineer
  • Jeff Schwartz – Personal management, Production manager
  • Michael Sullivan – Cover art
  • Hal Wilson – Art direction
  • Peter Bramley – Special thanks
  • Marlene Hollick – Special thanks
  • Howard Leibowitz – Special thanks
  • Jamie Rich – Special thanks
  • Michael Shevlin – Special thanks
  • Alan Siegel – Special thanks
  • Aura-Sonic Ltd. – Location recording