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Begone, Demons (Arabic: اخرج منها يا ملعونukhruj minhā yā malʿūn; also translated as Get Out You Damned, or Get Out of Here, Curse You!)[1] is Saddam Hussein's fourth and last novel. It is a fictional novel, with political metaphor. It is thought to have been written in anticipation of the 2003 Iraq War in 2002 or 2003.[2] It was not yet published before the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. It was published in Japanese in 2006.


Begone, Demons tells the story of a tribe living on the Euphrates River for more than 1,500 years, which is invaded by another tribe, but win the war in the end. The main part of the book focuses on three men: Isaac, Joseph, and Mahmoud, who on her grandfather Abraham grew up as children. Isaac is a villain and traitor, while the other two, honest and good are hard. Later Isaac leaves and moves to a country west of the Dead Sea. There he joins forces with a greedy Roman governor, making money together at the expense of the local population. To keep their riches, they must eventually build two towers, However, they are attacked: Arab fighters they put a day on fire and even die in the flames as a Muslim martyr.


The book was published in Tokyo by a Japanese publisher, Tokuma Shoten Publishing, in 2006 under the title Devil's Dance ("Akuma no Dance"). 8,000 copies were printed, at 256 pages.[3]

It was translated into Turkish by Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi.[4]

Raghad Hussein had tried to publish the novel in Jordan, and planned to print 100 thousand copies, until the government prevented the publication.[5][6]

In 2007 the novel was translated into Russian and published in Saint Petersburg by Amfora Publishing House. 5000 copies were printed, at 206 pages. The chief editor of the publishing house Vadim Nazarov said that the novel’s publication was “an ideological initiative” and “a response to pain”. He explained that “when Serbian houses were being bombed, we published Serbian novels. Now we publish Saddam Hussein's book. When he was the leader of Iraq, there was more discipline in this country”.[7]

It has not been translated or sold in any other languages.

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