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Bernd J. Kröger (German: [bɛɐnt jɔt ˈkʁøːɡɐ]; born 1959 in Osnabrück, Germany) is a German phonetician and professor at RWTH Aachen University. He is known for his contributions in the field of neurocomputational speech processing, in particular the ACT model.[1][2]

Kröger received his master's degree in physics from the University of Münster in 1985, his PhD degree in phonetics from the University of Cologne under the supervision of Georg Heike in 1989, and his habilitation in phonetics from the same university in 1997.[3]

In 1987 Kröger started his academic career as research associate at Cologne's Department of Phonetics, which was then headed by Georg Heike. He became assistant professor in Cologne in 1990, and was guest professor at Berlin's Humboldt University in 1999. Since 2001 he has been professor and senior researcher at the Department of Phoniatrics, Pedaudiology and Communication Disorders, Medical School, RWTH Aachen University. He has been guest professor at Tianjin University, China since 2011.[3]

Selected writings[edit]

Books and articles, a selection:[4][5]

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URL=[permanent dead link] DOI=10.3389/fncom.2016.00051


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