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Language(s)Khas bhasa
MeaningStore Keeper or Holder of Treasury (Rajput)
Region of originIndia, Nepal

Bhandary or Bhandari is a surname found in various Khas communities in India and Nepal. 'Bhandary' in South India belong to the bunt community.[1] Bhandari means keeper of the "Bhandar" or the treasury. Bhandaris were the protectors of the royal Treasuries across the kingdoms


In Nepal the Bhandaris belong to Khas people both Bahuns and Chhetris. Numbering around 255,500, spread across the hills and khas dominated regions of terai. with most Incidents in Kathmandu(18,391), Dang(12,796) Gulmi 11,660, Kaski (11,550), Rupandehi (10,293), Jhapa(9,968), Kailali(9,495), Morang(8,100) districts respectively.

Notable people bearing the name Bhandari or Bhandari include:

Fictional people bearing the name Bhandari include:


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