Billboard Türkiye

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Billboard Türkiye
Billboardtr logo.jpg
Billboard Türkiye logo
EditorMeltem Fıratlı
CategoriesMusic magazine
PublisherErman Yerdelen, Aydın Demirer
First issueNovember 2006
Final issue2010
CompanyNielsen Music Control
Based inIstanbul

Billboard Türkiye was a Turkish language publication in agreement with the American Billboard. The magazine existed between 2006 and 2010.

Turkish Charts[edit]

Billboard Türkiye magazine published Türkiye Top 20, an official Turkish chart for non-Turkish foreign language songs. "Billboard Radio" broadcast the chart on 87.7 Rokket FM (Istanbul). Billboard Charts were accepted as Turkey's official charts for foreign language songs. The charts were updated every Monday at the website and in the magazine. Starting September 2009, the charts were compiled on a monthly basis.

Billboard also published a Turkish language top 20 chart but only for rock songs called Turkish Rock Top 20 Chart.

The magazine ceased publication in 2010.[1]


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