Bishop of Liverpool

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Bishop of Liverpool
Paul Bayes
Ecclesiastical provinceYork
ResidenceBishop's Lodge, Woolton
First holderJ. C. Ryle
CathedralLiverpool Cathedral

The Bishop of Liverpool is the Ordinary of the Church of England Diocese of Liverpool in the Province of York.[1][2]

The diocese stretches from Southport in the north, to Widnes in the south, and from the River Mersey to Wigan in the east.[3] Its see is in the City of Liverpool at the Cathedral Church of Christ.[4] The Bishop's residence is Bishop's Lodge, Woolton[5] — east of Liverpool city centre.[6]

The office has existed since the founding of the diocese in 1880 under Queen Victoria. The current bishop is Paul Bayes, who has been bishop since the confirmation of his election on 23 July 2014.[7]

List of bishops[edit]

Bishops of Liverpool
From Until Incumbent Notes
1880 1900 JCRylePhoto.jpg John Charles Ryle Nominated on 11 May and consecrated on 11 June 1880. Resigned on 1 March 1900 and died on 10 June 1900.
1900 1923 Francis Chavasse by JB Gibbs.jpg Francis Chavasse Nominated on 24 March and consecrated on 25 April 1900. Resigned on 1 October 1923 and died on 11 March 1928.
1923 1944 Albert David Translated from St Edmundsbury and Ipswich. Nominated on 3 October and confirmed on 18 October 1923. Resigned on 15 April 1944 and died on 24 December 1950.
1944 1966 Clifford Martin Nominated on 3 July and consecrated on 25 July 1944. Resigned on 30 November 1965 and died on 11 August 1977.
1966 1975 Stuart Blanch Nominated on 22 December 1965 and consecrated on 25 March 1966. Translated to York on 9 January 1975.
1975 1997 David Sheppard Translated from Woolwich. Nominated on 2 May and confirmed on 3 June 1975. Resigned in 1997, created Baron Sheppard of Liverpool on 14 February 1998, and died on 5 March 2005. Represented England at cricket 22 times.
1998 2013 No image.svg James Jones[8] Translated from Hull. Nominated and confirmed in 1998.
23 July 2014 incumbent Religious leaders at the Horasis Global Meeting (27839442856) (Paul Bayes cropped).jpg Paul Bayes Translated from Hertford.[7] Installed on 15 November 2014 at Liverpool Cathedral.

Assistant bishops[edit]

Among those who have served as Assistant Bishop of Liverpool were:

Those who have served in retirement as honorary assistant bishops include:


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