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The Bishop of Ludlow was an episcopal title used by a suffragan bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Hereford, which is within the Province of Canterbury, England.[1]

The See of Ludlow was erected under the Suffragans Nomination Act 1888 by Order in Council dated 23 September 1981[2] and was the only suffragan see in the Diocese of Hereford. The bishop assisted the Bishop of Hereford; in vacancies in the See of Hereford, the Bishop of Ludlow was usually the acting diocesan bishop. In 2020, it was announced by the Diocese that no new appointment would be made to the See for the time being.[3]

The title takes its name after the historic market town of Ludlow in south Shropshire.

List of Bishops of Ludlow[edit]

Bishops of Ludlow
From Until Incumbent Notes
1981 1987 Mark Wood
1987 1994 Ian Griggs
1994 2002 John Saxbee Translated to Lincoln
2002 2009 Michael Hooper
2009 2020 Alistair Magowan Retired 30 April 2020
2020 present vacant Not to be re-filled at present

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