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Coat of arms of Boljevac
Coat of arms
Location of the municipality of Boljevac within Serbia
Location of the municipality of Boljevac within Serbia
Coordinates: 43°49′49.08″N 21°57′11.16″E / 43.8303000°N 21.9531000°E / 43.8303000; 21.9531000Coordinates: 43°49′49.08″N 21°57′11.16″E / 43.8303000°N 21.9531000°E / 43.8303000; 21.9531000
Country Serbia
RegionSouthern and Eastern Serbia
 • MayorNebojša Marjanović (DSS)
 • Municipality828 km2 (320 sq mi)
263 m (863 ft)
 (2011 census)[2]
 • Town
 • Municipality
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Area code+381(0)30
Car platesZA

Boljevac (Serbian Cyrillic: Бољевац, pronounced [bɔ̌ːʎɛʋat͡s]) is a town and municipality located in the Zaječar District of the eastern Serbia. According to 2011 census, the population of the town is 3,332, while population of the municipality is 12,865.


From 1929 to 1941, Boljevac was part of the Morava Banovina of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

In 2010, the Commission on Concealed Mass Graves in Serbia discovered a mass grave of people killed by Yugoslav Partisans during World War II in the settlement of Zmijanac.[3] Partisan troops took over the municipality in October 1944. They subsequently executed over 40 locals, including a priest of the Serbian Orthodox Church.[4]


Aside from the town of Boljevac, the municipality of consists of the following villages:


As of 2011, the municipality has 12,865 inhabitants. Of those, there are 10,504 (66.28%) Serbs, 4,162 (26.26%) Vlachs/Romanians, 229 (1.45%) Romani and other.


The following table gives a preview of total number of employed people per their core activity (as of 2017):[5]

Activity Total
Agriculture, forestry and fishing 128
Mining 260
Processing industry 372
Distribution of power, gas and water 22
Distribution of water and water waste management 26
Construction 45
Wholesale and retail, repair 244
Traffic, storage and communication 69
Hotels and restaurants 38
Media and telecommunications 20
Finance and insurance 21
Property stock and charter -
Professional, scientific, innovative and technical activities 24
Administrative and other services 28
Administration and social assurance 153
Education 175
Healthcare and social work 116
Art, leisure and recreation 8
Other services 22
Total 1,774

Twin cities[edit]


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