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Coordinates: 54°52′49″N 21°39′11″E / 54.88028°N 21.65306°E / 54.88028; 21.65306

Train station in Bolshakovo (Novoye)

Bolshakovo (Russian: Большако́во, Polish: Skajzgiry, Lithuanian: Didieji Skaisgiriai), also referred to as Bolshakovo-Novoye (Russian: Большако́во-Новое); until 1938—Groß Skaisgirren, from 1938 to 1946—Kreuzingen) is a settlement located in the southern part of Slavsky District of Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia, 90 km from Kaliningrad. The adjective "Novoye" (new) is sometimes used to distinguish it from an eponymous village in Ivanovo Oblast of Russia.

It is situated on the road from Talpaki to Sovetsk. There are also roads from Bolshakovo to Polessk and to Chernyakhovsk. Bolshakovo is a railway station on the Kaliningrad–Sovetsk line.

Bolshakovo lies on the border of Polessk Lowland in a marsh landscape and has approximately 2,000 inhabitants. Until the end of World War II, the biggest livestock railway station of Germany was located here.

Bolshakovo is a transmission site of the Voice of Russia broadcasting station, the Bolshakovo transmitter.


Before 1945 the area belonged to Germany as part of Landkreis Elchniederung in the Province of East Prussia.

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