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Wikipedia: The Missing Manual is a how-to guide that explains the process of contributing to the English Wikipedia, both for novice users and experienced editors. It was originally written in 2008 by John Broughton, but has since been expanded and updated by many other Wikipedia contributors. Wikipedia has a myriad of pages documenting policies, guidelines and processes. It's hard to know where to start to learn about contributing to Wikipedia. That's what this book is for: It provides a clear learning path for the essentials, and tells you where to read more if you need it.

The Missing Manual
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Wikipedia: The Missing Manual[edit]

by John Broughton & co.[edit]

Title Page and Licensing Information
Author and Publisher Information
Table of Contents
About this Book
Part I: Editing, creating, and maintaining articles
Chapter 1: Editing for the First Time
Chapter 2: Documenting Your Sources
Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Account and Personal Workspace
Chapter 4: Creating a New Article
Chapter 5: Who Did What: Page Histories and Reverting
Chapter 6: Monitoring Changes
Chapter 7: Dealing with Vandalism and Spam
Part II: Collaborating with other editors
Chapter 8: Communicating with Your Fellow Editors
Chapter 9: WikiProjects and Other Group Efforts
Chapter 10: Resolving Content Disputes
Chapter 11: Handling Incivility and Personal Attacks
Chapter 12: Lending Other Editors a Hand
Part III: Formatting and illustrating articles
Chapter 13: Article Sections and Tables of Contents
Chapter 14: Creating Lists and Tables
Chapter 15: Adding Images
Part IV: Building a stronger encyclopedia
Chapter 16: Getting Readers to the Right Article
Chapter 17: Categorizing Articles
Chapter 18: Better Articles: A Systematic Approach
Chapter 19: Deleting Existing Articles
Part V: Customizing Wikipedia
Chapter 20: Customizing with Preferences
Chapter 21: Easier Editing with JavaScript
Part VI: Appendices
Appendix A: A Tour of the Wikipedia Page
Appendix B: Reader's guide to Wikipedia
Appendix C: Learning More
Appendix D: GNU Free Documentation License