British Uruguayans

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British Uruguayans
  • Británico-uruguayos
  • British-uruguayans
United Kingdom Uruguay
Total population
c. 690+ (Thousands with British ancestry)
Regions with significant populations
Throughout Uruguay. Principally in the south and in the west.
Rioplatense Spanish and English
Roman Catholicism, Protestantism
Related ethnic groups
English Argentine

British Uruguayan is a Uruguayan citizen of British descent or a British-born person residing in Uruguay. The British community in Uruguay is small but historically significant; it numbers c. 690 British expatriates[1] and thousands of people of British descent.


There has been presence of British nationals in the eastern shores of the Río de la Plata since colonial times. England exerted a notable influence in the region, including two invasions in the early 19th century; from that time dates the establishment of the first newspaper in Montevideo, The Southern Star. British settlers helped establish Conchillas and Barker at Colonia Department in the late 19th century. There were important British businesspeople in several activities, as well as politicians and professionals. Britons were also fundamental in the establishment of association football as a mainstream sport, with the Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club (established 1891) and other institutions.

Notable people[edit]

Henry Stanley Bowles (1871–99), football player who scored the first international goal for Uruguay


British immigrants established several institutions of their own, among others:

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