Cactus modulaire

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Cactus modulaire
Cactus modulaire 04.jpg
The sculpture in 2012
ArtistRobert Roussil [fr]
Year1986 (1986)
MediumBronze and beryllium alloy
Dimensions10 m × 3 m (390 in × 120 in)
Weight6,500 kilograms (14,300 lb)
LocationMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Coordinates45°29′53″N 73°34′11″W / 45.49805°N 73.56967°W / 45.49805; -73.56967Coordinates: 45°29′53″N 73°34′11″W / 45.49805°N 73.56967°W / 45.49805; -73.56967

Cactus modulaire is a 1986 outdoor bronze sculpture by Robert Roussil [fr], installed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is situated next to the La Laurentienne Building in Downtown Montreal.[1][2] The sculpture weighs 6,500 kilograms (14,300 lb) and is composed of a bronze and beryllium alloy, cast in the Lafeuille foundry in Nogent-sur-Oise, France.[3]

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