Calbuco Archipelago

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Calbuco Archipelago
Native name:
Archipiélago de Calbuco
Coordinates41°48′S 73°02′W / 41.800°S 73.033°W / -41.800; -73.033Coordinates: 41°48′S 73°02′W / 41.800°S 73.033°W / -41.800; -73.033
Adjacent bodies of waterReloncaví Sound
RegionLos Lagos
Additional information
NGA UFI -874659 (only Calbuco Island)

Calbuco Archipelago is located in the Reloncaví Sound, Llanquihue Province, Los Lagos Region, Chile.

The archipelago is composed of 14 islands.

List of islands[edit]

The islands are:[1]

  1. Puluqui
  2. Caicué / Lagartija
  3. Queulín
  4. Chaullín / Helvecia (not to be confused with Chaullin Island (Chiloe))
  5. Huar / Guar
  6. Abtao
  7. Chidhuapi
  8. Quenu
  9. Quihua
  10. Tautil
  11. Calbuco / Caicaén
  12. Tabón
  13. Mayelhue
  14. Lín

The last three islands, Tabon, Mayelhue and Lin, are by low tide only one island.


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