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Calcutta C&FC
Calcutta cfc logo.png
Full nameCalcutta Cricket & Football Club
Short nameCC&FC
Founded1792; 228 years ago (1792) [note 1]
WebsiteClub website

The Calcutta Cricket & Football Club (CC&FC) is a sports club based in Kolkata, India. It was founded in 1792 as a cricket institution, adding the football and rugby sections when it merged to Calcutta F.C. in 1965.[1]

Sports currently practised at CC&FC include cricket, field hockey, football, rugby, cycle polo and tennis. The football squad is currently playing in the 2nd Division of the Calcutta Football League.


Ground of the Calcutta Cricket Club, 15th Jan'y. 1861 H.M. 68th L.I. from Rangoon, versus the Calcutta Cricket Club, a lithograph after a watercolour by Percy Carpenter, depicting a visit by the 68th (Durham) Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry)

The Club was founded as the "Calcutta Cricket Club Clippers" by British expatriates who had come over with the British East India Company.[2] It is known to have been in existence by 1792.[1][3]

During its first years of existence, the Calcutta Cricket Club played its home games near river Hooghly but it was not until 1841 when the institution got land to establish its venue. Later it was merged with the Calcutta Football Club (where both footballs, rugby and association were practised)[1] and the Ballygunge Cricket Club over the years to become the "Calcutta Cricket and Football Club" in 1965.[1]

Run by the British, Calcutta Football Club was once one of the leading football teams and had a great rivalry specially with Mohun Bagan. Other rivals were Mohammedan Sporting, Aryan and Dalhousie.

The squad had won the Calcutta Football League (CFL) 8 times[4] and the IFA Shield 9 times[5] before merging to the Calcutta C.C.

Famous members[edit]

A large number of notable athletes are associated with the club, including:




  1. ^ The date refers to the original Calcutta Cricket Club established in 1792, before merging to the Calcutta F.C. in 1965 to form the current club


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