Camargo, Chuquisaca

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Skyline of Camargo
Camargo is located in Bolivia
Location in Bolivia
Coordinates: 20°38′25″S 65°12′37″W / 20.64028°S 65.21028°W / -20.64028; -65.21028Coordinates: 20°38′25″S 65°12′37″W / 20.64028°S 65.21028°W / -20.64028; -65.21028
CountryFlag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia
DepartmentChuquisaca Department
ProvinceNor Cinti Province
 • Total5,685

Camargo is a small town in the Chuquisaca Department of Bolivia in the South American Andes.


Camargo is the capital of Nor Cinti Province and is situated in Camargo Municipio, embedded between north-southerly mountain ridges, at an elevation of 2,414 m, on the banks of Río Chico which later becomes Río Pilaya.

Camargo is located 350 km south of the department capital Sucre, along Ruta 1, one of Bolivia's major roads which is 1,215 km long and goes from the Peruvian border in the north to the Argentine border in the south. The Camargo family comes from here.


The population of the town has increased by 50% over the past two decades, from 3,789 inhabitants (1992 census) to 4,502 (2001 census) and 5,685 (2008 estimation).[1]


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