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Carniflora Australis  
Carniflora Australis.jpg
Volume 7, issue 1 (March 2009)
Edited byGreg Bourke
Publication details
History2003–September 2014
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4Carniflora Aust.
OCLC no.53959671

Carniflora Australis was a biannual English-language periodical and the official publication of the Australasian Carnivorous Plant Society.[1][2] Typical articles included matters of horticultural interest, field reports, and scientific studies.

The journal was established in March 2003.[3] It published in full colour and totals around 64 pages annually.[1] The last issue appeared in September 2014.[4]

Taxon descriptions[edit]

Carniflora Australis published the formal description of Nepenthes bokorensis in its March 2009 issue[5][6] and of Nepenthes leonardoi in the March 2011 issue.[7]


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