Cartago Green Party

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Cartago Green Party

Partido Verde de Cartago
PresidentRodrigo José Arias Gutiérrez
Secretary-GeneralSergio Solano Bonilla
FoundedNovember 2004, 11 (11-11-2004)
IdeologyGreen politics
International affiliationGlobal Greens (associate)

The Green Party of Cartago (originally named Green Ecological Party) is a provincial political party in Cartago, Costa Rica. The party follows environmentalist ideas and platform, and is a member of both the Global Greens and the Federation of Green Parties of the Americas.[1][2] The party also received the endorsement of Costa Rica’s Greenpeace local branch.

Founded in September 2004 by journalist Carlos Arrieta and English teacher Rodrigo Arias, among others.[3] Party’s leaders acknowledge that some of the major parties like Citizens Action, have endorse environmentalist policies in Congress and oppose projects damageable for the environment,[3] but assure the need for a specific ecological party in the Assembly. With Arrieta as nominee to Congress, the party obtained 1,604 votes in 2006 and 2,901 in 2010 with no seats earned.[3] Its best results were during the 2016 municipal elections when it received a strong support in Paraiso Canton earning a seat in the Municipal Council and the Syndic of the central district.[4]


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