Castelfiorentino Madonna

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Cimabue madonna castefliorentino.jpg

The Castelfiorentino Madonna is a tempera and gold on panel painting attributed to Cimabue, dating to c.1283-1284. Showing a half-length Madonna Odigitria-type Madonna, it originally hung in the collegiate church of Santi Lorenzo e Leonardo but now hangs in the Museo di Santa Verdiana in Castelfiorentino[1].

Over time it has been attributed to various artists, particularly Duccio di Buoninsegna due to its similarities with his Crevole Madonna or Cimabue or a collaboration between the two. After a 1930-1931 restoration by Giorgina Lucarini it was more precisely attributed to Cimabue by most art historians, including Miklos Boskovitz and Luciano Bellosi, the two main experts on medieval Tuscan art, drawing on Duccio's slightly earlier Crevole Madonna. There is also a theory that a young Giotto could have contributed to the work.


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