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This maintenance category contains all articles about cometary objects. An article is automatically in this category when template {{Comets}} is added to the footer. To exclude articles from this category (because they are not about a specific object), add parameter |nonobject=yes to {{Comets}}.

Articles should be sorted alphabetically by the name of the discoverer/investigator mentioned first using {{DEFAULTSORT}} (this can be a survey, an observatory or an astronomer). For example, 72P/Denning–Fujikawa uses {{DEFAULTSORT:Denning-Fujikawa, 072P}} and is consequently listed under letter D. Alternatively, for comets named by the year of appearance, {{DEFAULTSORT}} should contain the year first, so that these articles are listed in 0–9 All other cometary articles without a proper name or their year of appearance are listed under the first letter of their systematic designation, e.g. C/, X/.

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