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This category is for pages in the topic area of music, dance, etcetera which contain links to documentary videos including but not limited to video aggregation sites. All such links are permissible when they relate to the topic of the article and meet other criteria such as reliability and verifiability. In some types of articles, users may have in good faith linked to sites such as YouTube to provide a reference for factual matters for which such links are not appropriate. Wikipedia guidelines which discourage that type of link on the basis of unreliability or on the basis of self-promotion are not applicable to performing arts topics in which such videos may provide useful secondary commentary in the form of on-screen commentators but also in the form of "liner notes" which the uploader or others may provide on such pages. Moreover, a sparing use of such links as examples would be consistent with existing WP policy to the extent that they are supported by mainspace exposition. However, extensive use of external video documentation for the purpose of analysis which constitutes original research is not consistent with previously existing Wikipedia policy and therefore would need to be acceptable as an exception to those policies until and unless such policies are modified by community consensus.

These pages should have an edit notice warning editors who mistakenly believe that ALL video links are prohibited at Wikipedia. An edit notice can be placed within a "<" followed by a "!" and three hypens with an endline closing "--- >". For instance:

!--- ATTENTION---------------

!---There is NO BAN on video links at Wikipedia---

!---This is a performing arts article ------------

!---There is a special purpose to videographic documentation on this topic area---

!--- Multiple performing arts articles use video links in a thoughtful manner, this one included---

!---Do not delete video links without a specific rationale---

!---Please discuss generic reservations to this type of link on the talk page---

!---You may also search for pertinent discussions of the topic ----

!---Please be kind enough to post any deleted audio or video links onto the Talk Page and explain your reasoning---

!---Summary deletion without sustaining rationale supported by policy constitutes VANDALISM and may subject deleting editors to sanctions---

!---Sanctions may include (a) A topic ban (b) A WMF-wide ban (c) an IP ban (d) disqualification from administrator candidacy---

!---End of edit notice----

!---To discuss or dispute this edit note open a thread on the Discussion page of this category page ---

! ---Experienced or otherwise thoughtful editors are invited to help improve this edit notice and help to clarify policies and guidelines.---

!--- For a usable edit notice click

!here. ---