Cedarbluff, Mississippi

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Location of Cedarbluff, Mississippi

Cedarbluff (or Cedar Bluff) is an unincorporated community in Clay County, Mississippi, United States.[1] It is located in south central Clay County along Mississippi Highway 50. The community has a store and three churches. It is a very small community but has a large mail route that encompasses Montpelier also. Montpelier is where West Clay Elementary is located.[citation needed]


In 1915 an unnamed negro was lynched in Cedarbluff for allegedly entering the room of a white woman.[2] In 1916, an African-American man, Jeff Brown was lynched by a mob "for accidentally bumping into a white girl as he ran to catch a train." Pictures of his lynching were sold to white citizens for five cents each and were used to intimidate African-Americans in the region.[3]


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Coordinates: 33°35′12″N 88°49′56″W / 33.58667°N 88.83222°W / 33.58667; -88.83222