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Founded 1942
Focus Research and analysis services
Key people
Dr. Katherine A.W. McGrady, President and CEO

CNA, formerly known as the CNA Corporation, is a nonprofit research and analysis organization based in Arlington, VA. CNA has around 625 employees.[1]


CNA operates:[2]

  • the Center for Naval Analyses. CNA's Center for Naval Analyses is the federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) for the United States Navy and Marine Corps. It also provides research and analysis services to other military and government agencies to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of U.S. national defense efforts. It has seven divisions: Advanced Technology & Systems Analysis, China Studies, Resource Analysis, the Marine Corps Program, the Operations Evaluation Group, the Center for Strategic Studies, and the Special Operations Program.[3] These divisions address issues of preparedness, operations evaluation, systems analysis, foreign affairs, strategic relationships, humanitarian operations, logistics, and manpower.
Through the Center’s Field Program, approximately 50 analysts are assigned to Navy, Marine Corps, and Joint Commands around the world. Assignments range from carrier strike groups and Marine expeditionary forces to the U.S. Pacific Command. Field analysts are included in all functions of the command and provide real-time analytical support on operational problems of immediate concern to the military.[4]
Mark Geis, formerly vice president and director of CNA's Operations Evaluation Group and of CNA's Marine Corps Program, became the executive vice president of CNA's Center for Naval Analyses in 2015.[5]
Past presidents of the Center for Naval Analyses include Dr. Paul Speer, an oceanographer who is now with the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, and Christine H. Fox, who, in 2014, served as acting deputy secretary of Defense before retiring from the Pentagon and joining the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.


CNA Headquarters in Arlington, VA

Katherine A.W. McGrady, Ph.D. is President and Chief Executive Officer of CNA.[7] She was previously CNA's Chief Operating Officer.[8]

Board of Trustees[edit]


CNA research covers a variety of topics including national defense, education, energy, water and climate, air traffic management, and safety and security. A few recently released reports include:

  • Retirement Choice 2015 (November 2015)[12][13]
  • Appalachia Rising: A Review of Education Research (September 2015)[14][15]
  • North Korea's Provocation and Escalation Calculus: Dealing with the Kim Jong-un Regime (August 2015)[16]
  • The Potential Environmental Impacts of Fracking in the Delaware River Basin (August 2015)[17][18][19]
  • National Security and the Accelerating Risks of Climate Change (May 2014)[20][21]
  • In February 2014, CNA released an "Independent Assessment of the Afghan National Security Forces." This assessment, tasked by the United States Congress, outlines the likely security environment for Afghanistan over the next decade as well as an overview of the Afghan National Security Forces capabilities.[22][23]


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