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The Central Field is located to the east of Khafre's causeway and extends to the pyramid town of Queen Khentkaus I. One of the main excavators of the central field is Selim Hassan.[1] The central field is located at the site of some large stone quarries that provided the stones for the construction of the first two pyramids at Giza. Hence the tombs date to the later part of the Fourth Dynasty and later.[2] The tombs from the 4th Dynasty include those of queens Persenet, Khamerernebty II, Rekhetre, Khentkaus I and Bunefer, as well as several royal sons. [1]

4th Dynasty tombs[edit]

The tombs form the 4th Dynasty include several royal wives, sons and daughters. [3]

Tomb number Type Name of owner Title owner Time Period Comments
G 8080
LG 92
Mastaba and rock-cut Iuenmin Eldest king's son of his body, chief justice and vizier, treasurer of the King of Lower Egypt, etc. [4] End of Dynasty 4 Wife: Khamerernebty
G 8090
LG 90
Rock-cut tomb Debehen Sole companion, secretary of the House of Morning, keeper of the headdress, adorner of Horus, director of the palace, etc. 4th Dynasty (Menkaure)
G 8140 Rock-cut tomb Niuserre King's Son of His Body, Treasurer of the King of Lower Egypt, Sole Confidant. 4th Dynasty Tomb contains 2 shafts and a chapel.
G 8154 Rock-cut tomb Sekhemkare Eldest King's Son of His Body, Treasurer of the King of Lower Egypt, Director of the Palace, Director of the Scribes of the Book of His Father, etc. 4th Dynasty (Khafre) to early 5th Dynasty Son of Queen Hekenuhedjet and Khafre, the partial name of his wife was preserved as Khufu[..]t; Sons: Sekhemkare, Saf-Khafre, Herkhaf, and Khafre-ankh
G 8156 Rock-cut tomb Persenet King's beloved wife, king's daughter of his body, etc. 4th Dynasty (Khafre) Possibly daughter of Khufu and wife of Khafre.
G 8158 Rock-cut tomb Nikaure King's eldest son of his body, chief justice and vizier 4th Dynasty (Khafre) and later Possibly a son of Queen Persenet and King Khafre
G 8172 Rock-cut tomb Nebemakhet King's Eldest Son and Chief Justice and Vizier 4th Dynasty: Khafre to Menkaure or later Son of Khafre and Queen Meresankh III. Nebemakhet's wife Nubhetep and several brothers and a sister are mentioned.
G 8210 Rock-cut tomb Irsekhu Captain of the two Divine Boats, Overseer of the Army, Overseer of the Tutors of the King's Children of His Body, etc.[5] Late 4th Dynasty
G 8260 Stone Mastaba Babaef King's Son, Director of the Palace, etc.[6] Middle to end of 4th Dynasty
G 8400
LG 100
Burial complex Khentkaus I Mother of the two kings of Upper and Lower Egypt (or king of Upper and Lower Egypt, mother of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt), daughter of the god End of 4th to early 5th Dynasty The complex includes a pyramid, a solar boat, a valley temple, a washing tent, a house of embalming, a libation tank, and a mud-brick pyramid town.
G 8408 Rock-cut tomb Bunefer King's wife, great one of the hetes-sceptre, priestess of Shepses-Nebty (Shepseskaf), seer of Horus and Seth, king's daughter of (his body), etc. End of 4th to 5th Dynasty
G 8460 Rock-cut tomb Ankhmare Eldest King's son of his body, chief justice and vizier, etc. End of 4th Dynasty
G 8464 Rock-cut tomb Hemetre King's daughter of his body, priestess of Hathor Mid to end 4th Dynasty or early 5th dynasty Several children of Hemetre are depicted in her tomb.
G 8466 Rock-cut tomb Iunre the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Khafre, His Eldest Son of His Body, director of the palace, etc. End of 4th Dynasty Son of Khafre.
G 8496 Stone Mastaba Sekhemka The Overseer of the Army (General), The Divine Treasurer (Boat-captain), etc. [7] End of 4th Dynasty or later A son named Iufi and two daughters named Iynefert and Meritefes are named.
G 8530 Stone Mastaba Rekhetre King's Daughter of His Body, King's Wife, etc.[8] Late 4th Dynasty Daughter of King Khafre, possibly wife of King Menkaure.
G 8976 Rock-cut tomb Washptah Overseer of craftsmen of the wabet, priest of Ptah, priest of Sokar, priest of Khufu, etc. End of 4th to 5th dynasty Queen Khamerernebty II is mentioned on the entrance lintel. Washptah's wife Wemtetka and several children are attested in the tomb.
G 8978
Galarza Tomb
Rock-cut tomb Khamerernebty II King's daughter of his body, king's wife, seer of Horus and Seth Middle to end 4th Dynasty The tomb may have been started for Khamerernebty II's mother Khamerernebty I, but the tomb was completed for the daughter. Khamerernebty II was likely a daughter of King Khafre and a wife of Menkaure.
G 8980 Stone Mastaba Wetetj-hetep Royal acquaintance Late 4th or early 5th Dynasty


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