Cerro El Roble

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Cerro El Roble
Cerro El Roble is located in Chile
Cerro El Roble
Cerro El Roble
Location in Chile
Highest point
Elevation2,222 m (7,290 ft)
ListingList of mountains in Chile
Coordinates32°58′32″S 71°00′48″W / 32.97556°S 71.01333°W / -32.97556; -71.01333Coordinates: 32°58′32″S 71°00′48″W / 32.97556°S 71.01333°W / -32.97556; -71.01333
Parent rangeChilean Coast Range

Cerro El Roble is a mountain in central Chile. Much of the land area associated with this mountain was incorporated into the La Campana National Park[1] in the late 1990s. A station of the National Astronomical Observatory of Chile, Cerro El Roble Observatory is located at the top of this mountain.[2]

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