Cerro El Toro

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Cerro El Toro
Cerro El Toro is located in Argentina
Cerro El Toro
Cerro El Toro
Location in Argentina on the border with Chile
Highest point
Elevation6,168 m (20,236 ft) [1]
Prominence1,910 m (6,270 ft) [2]
Coordinates29°07′48″S 69°47′12″W / 29.13000°S 69.78667°W / -29.13000; -69.78667Coordinates: 29°07′48″S 69°47′12″W / 29.13000°S 69.78667°W / -29.13000; -69.78667[2]
LocationArgentina - Chile
Parent rangeAndes

Cerro El Toro is a mountain in the Andes located on the border between Argentina and Chile. It has an elevation of 6,168 m above sea level.

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