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"Channel Chasers"
The Fairly OddParents episode
Episode no.Season 4
Episode 13
Directed byButch Hartman
Written byButch Hartman
Steve Marmel
Produced byFred Seibert
Butch Hartman
Steve Marmel
Bob Boyle
Deirdre Brenner
Original air date(Australia)
November 21, 2003 (2003-11-21)
July 23, 2004 (2004-07-23)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Crash Nebula"
Next →
"Shelf Life"

"Channel Chasers" is the eighteenth episode of Season 4 of The Fairly OddParents. It was the second Fairly OddParents television film. Alec Baldwin was a featured guest star in the voice role of Adult Timmy.[1]


After unintentionally causing trouble to ruin both of his parents' jobs and being grounded to a week of no more television, Timmy wishes himself into the world of television to escape the harsh reality of his life and his parents. Unfortunately for him, however, his carelessness with magic leads to Vicky taking over the world in the future, and now Timmy must stop her to prevent the destruction of Dimmsdale, while escaping a mysterious masked man that is trying to track him down.


20 years into the future of the Year, 2022, adults Chester and A.J. race through a dystopian Dimmsdale, chased by a masked man. The masked man pleads to Chester and A.J. to give up, but they believe it is a trap. Chester stays behind and tries to stall the masked man, but the masked man easily dispatches him and zaps him with a laser, freezing Chester in stasis. A.J. has gotten ahead, and managed to make it to his old house where he completes a time travel belt so that he can go into the past and prevent the bad future from ever happening. But before he can do this, the masked man freezes A.J. and takes the belt from him. A robed figure appears behind him, who is revealed to be Vicky, now the Supreme Ruler of the World. She sends the masked man back in time to prevent Timmy from stopping her.

Back in the present in 2002, sixteen-year-old Vicky is preparing a backpack full of torture items for when she babysits Timmy, while a news editorial by Chet Ubetcha begins airing on the TV. He is warning adults about violent TV and how it is affecting kids. Chet particularly blames a program called Maho Mushi, a Japanese anime-type fighting show resembling Dragon Ball Z. Meanwhile, Timmy wishes for a Maho Mushi spaceship known as the Kid Crusher (a parody of The Star Destroyer from the Star Wars films) and flies it around Dimmsdale, raining destruction and causing widespread panic on the streets below. Wanda becomes concerned of what Timmy is doing and warns him that watching dangerous stunts on TV is one thing, but doing them in the real-world seems very dangerous. When he almost crashes into a plane, he wishes himself into a "Banzai Bubble" from his Maho Mushi cards and then starts plummeting toward his dad's office. Timmy destroys his dad's office and ruins his dad's chance to win a raise and a "Cleanest Office" plaque and upstage his archenemy (and neighbor) Dinkleberg after Mr. Turner worked so hard cleaning his office. Elsewhere, Mrs. Turner is about to sell Billy Joel a glass house, when Timmy collides into it causing it to shatter, just moments before the transaction was to be completed. Running through the streets, Mr. and Mrs. Turner search for Timmy after having their jobs ruined and the Banzai Bubble explodes as Timmy lands on the ground with a guilty expression on his face and Mr. and Mrs. Turner are really upset at him. As Mr. and Mrs. Turner drag Timmy home to punish him, a green light and electrical sparks fill the alley, and the masked man from the future appears as he proceeds to follow Timmy.

Meanwhile, at the Turner house, Mr. and Mrs. Turner are mad at him for causing trouble by ruining both of their jobs and mimicking a violent television program after discovering that all of the violence that Timmy imitated were all from Maho Mushi. Mr. and Mrs. Turner tell Timmy to not watch Maho Mushi anymore and watch an educational program instead, like Dictator Week (a parody of World War II history) on the Biographical Channel (a parody of the History Channel), but Timmy refuses. This makes Mr. and Mrs. Turner angry when they realize that they cannot trust Timmy to not mimic television, and therefore they cannot trust Timmy with television at all, and so they ground Timmy from watching television, and hire Vicky to watch him and make sure he is not allowed to watch television while they go out. Before Mr. and Mrs. Turner can leave, Timmy begs his parents not to leave him with Vicky, as she is evil. Mr. and Mrs. Turner briefly suspect something about Vicky, but they shrug it off after Vicky showers them with cheap gifts she got. Mr. and Mrs. Turner run off to gloat about their gifts to Dinkleberg. Vicky begins to chase Timmy with a flame-thrower. Timmy runs up to his room and barricades his door behind him to prevent Vicky from coming in, and then sarcastically asks his fairy godparents what he should do now that his parents grounded him from watching television. They take the hint, and poof up Timmy a television so Timmy can watch television again. However, Wanda still tells Timmy that although he is innocent, he is in trouble with his parents (even though they didn't listen to him about Vicky), so Timmy decides that he isn't watching TV if he is in the TV as he wishes himself a magic remote that gets him into the TV while Cosmo and Wanda stay in Timmy's room to make sure Vicky doesn't see what Timmy is doing without disobeying his parents.

Timmy explores a few channels, first a cartoon show about the future called The Futurellis (a parody of The Jetsons), then a cartoon program called Carpet Critters (a parody of Rugrats), and another cartoon program called Heavy Hal (a parody of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids). Cosmo and Wanda watch Timmy as he interacts with the TV programs he explores, when Vicky comes and tries to bust down Timmy's door. Cosmo disguises himself as Timmy and does a bad job at hiding the fact that Timmy is trying to sneak in and watch television again in his room. Vicky takes a photograph of "Timmy" next to the TV and decides to tell on Timmy. Outside of Timmy's house, the masked man is stalking Timmy (unaware that it's Cosmo disguised as Timmy), but gets blinded by the light of the plaque that Vicky gave Mr. Turner while Mr. Turner is showing off his plaque to Dinkleberg. Dinkleberg becomes impressed by his plaque, but shows him an even brighter plaque which almost blinds Mr. Turner. Mrs. Turner gets a call from Vicky, who says that Timmy not only immediately turned on the television after they left, but also caused a variety of other destructive events around the house that were really caused by Vicky herself. Mr. and Mrs. Turner furiously return home, believing that Timmy destroyed their house.

Back inside TV, Timmy is in another cartoon program called Jonny Hunt (a parody of Jonny Quest). Timmy is happy that the adults in that program will allow a 10-year-old boy like him to go on dangerous missions, but not without giving him a dangerous weapon first. Timmy returns to the real world and shows Cosmo and Wanda the rocket launcher he got from television. Wanda warns Timmy that he has a dangerous weapon in the real-world and that he could get hurt and Timmy doesn't think so as he tells Cosmo and Wanda as long as they are around and Cosmo remarks at least until Timmy gets older and Wanda shushes him. Timmy becomes confused and asks Cosmo and Wanda what do they mean "older". Wanda explains to Timmy that Fairy Godparents are only assigned to kids who need them most, to which Timmy agrees with. When godchildren get older, their fairy godparents are sent back to Fairy World and all the memories of the fairies are forgotten by the godchild. This upsets Timmy so much that he begins to realize that when he gets older, he will very soon forget all the adventures he had with Cosmo and Wanda. To make matters worse, Vicky arrives with Timmy's infuriated parents as she burns down Timmy's barricaded door with a flame-thrower. Timmy accidentally fires the rocket launcher he brought back from television, destroying the upper floor of his house and sending the roof flying through the air and landing on the masked man, who is standing on a tree, knocking him unconscious. This infuriates Mr. Turner to his peak as he cannot take Dinkleberg getting all the awards and his money after losing the raise and "Nicest House" plaque to Dinkleberg and also cannot use the rocket launcher to fire at Dinkleberg's house because it is out of ammo. Timmy's parents confiscate the magic remote away from Timmy and give it to Vicky as punishment, and they continue to harshly punish Timmy for disobeying them and trashing the Turner household as they still refuse to believe that Vicky is evil before storming out, not knowing that Timmy tried to prove his innocence by explaining to them that Vicky was the real culprit.

After his parents refuse to believe him again about the truth of Vicky's evil, Timmy becomes fed up about his parents not believing him about Vicky and Wanda tells Timmy that his parents are only trying to raise him to be a responsible adult as everybody has to grow up. He decides to run away from home and live through television after seeing the characters that he watches on TV have stayed the same age forever and realizes that if he was a kid forever, then he wouldn't have to lose Cosmo and Wanda. He wishes for another magic remote to replace the one that was taken away by his parents and given to Vicky, writes a note to his parents and poofs into the TV with Cosmo and Wanda. The masked man, who was spying on them the whole time, regains consciousness and follows them. Timmy's parents come back to the room, only to discover that their son has vanished without a trace as they discover the note and become devastated about this. The masked man ends up in the wrong channel showing a cartoon called Paula Poundcake (a parody of Strawberry Shortcake). Meanwhile, Timmy and his fairies have arrived in Walnuts (a parody of Peanuts) where Timmy plans to live here forever. After the adults call the police on Timmy, he decides to go into Space Spectre (a parody of Space Ghost).

Back in the real world, Vicky is watching TV with the magic remote which inadvertently merges a political debate show called Politically Inaccurate (a parody of Politically Incorrect) with a wrestling show. She realizes that the remote is magic, and changes the channel to a contest show. Vicky accidentally switches places with the $1,000,000 winner with the magic remote. She is handed a bag of money, but the host takes it back when its pointed out that Vicky is 16, and too young to participate in the TV contest. Frustrated, Vicky smacks the remote again, pressing the fast forward button and aging herself to 18. Vicky is now able to take the contest money, and she also begins to realize the power of the remote. She wants to go to the Dictator Week program on TV and change history so that she can take over the world.

Still inside the Space Spectre cartoon, Timmy and his fairies are about to be captured by the masked man, who has tracked them down. The masked man demands the remote, promising that he will send Timmy back home unharmed, but Timmy refuses and manages to use his remote to escape the channel, and his next destination is The Meatflints (a parody of The Flintstones). The masked man continues to chase Timmy through other programs including Go Go Racer, Snooper Dog and the Clue Crew, and Blackbird and Sparrow (all of which are parodies of Speed Racer, Scooby-Doo, and Batman: The Animated Series). Back in Dimmsdale, Mr. and Mrs. Turner are looking for Timmy and start their search by questioning Chester and A.J. about Vicky, and whether she is really evil after Chester and A.J. tell Mr. and Mrs. Turner that Timmy isn't here and ask them of what happened. Hidden cameras and shocking ankle bracelets prevent the two from telling Timmy's parents the truth. Meanwhile, in the Blackbird and Sparrow program, Timmy is again attacked by the Masked Man. This time, Timmy manages to corner the masked man in the Birdcage (a parody of the Batcave) and the masked man takes off his mask, and the man is revealed to be Timmy himself, from the future.

Adult Timmy reveals that Vicky successfully changed history and became Supreme Leader of the World, turning Dimmsdale into a desolate wasteland. Sneaking into the ranks of Vicky's troops, Adult Timmy managed to become Vicky's most trusted soldier. He was sent after Adult Chester and A.J. who were inventing a device to go back in time and stop Vicky. Once A.J. completed the device, Timmy took it so that Vicky would send him back in time with it and not suspect anything. Adult Timmy needs to stop Vicky and destroy the remotes so that the future will change. Present Timmy is unconcerned with this at first, but agrees to help after the group is attacked by Vicky.

Mr. and Mrs. Turner continue to look for answers. They go to Vicky's House and decide to talk to Vicky's mother and father directly, but they are no help, when arrays of lasers are on them. They are completely terrified of their daughter, and push Mr. and Mrs. Turner out of the house the moment they realize they might suspect something of her. Tootie is watching from her room above and overhears that Timmy is missing because of Vicky, and decides to take matters into her own hands. She throws a cryptic message attached to a Timmy doll through the window of the Turners' car, asking them to meet her at the Dimmadelphia Cable building, disguising her name as Deep Toot (a parody of Deep Throat) and Mr. Turner giggles about the name and Mrs. Turner becomes worried of her husband. Meanwhile, in the TV universe, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Adult Timmy chase Vicky through some more programs, including Clint's Hints, Ted and Jimmy, Rabid Rabbit, a stop-motion animated Christmas special, The Feldmans, and Poppyseed Avenue (all of which are parodies of Blue's Clues, Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes (mainly Bugs Bunny), Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Simpsons, and Sesame Street).

Mr. and Mrs. Turner meet Tootie in the parking lot of the Dimmadelphia Cable building. Tootie shows the Turner parents photographs of Vicky's misdeeds, including the ones they had blamed on Timmy. For the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Turner learn that Timmy was right about Vicky being an evil babysitter. Before they can thank Deep Toot for her help, she disappears without a trace. They are completely bewildered to her identity, despite her mistakenly including her real name on her cryptic notes. Mr. and Mrs. Turner have finally realized their mistake of not listening to Timmy and realize they should find Timmy and apologize to him, heading to the Dimmadome station as they believe that Timmy is hiding and watching television. In the TV universe, Timmy is about to enter the next channel, Maho Mushi, riding on the end credits of the previous show, Adolescent Genetically Altered Karate Cows (a parody of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). However, Vicky destroys Adult Timmy's time travel belt, causing him to fade into oblivion and return to the future. Timmy becomes furious that Vicky took away the one cool adult in his life, just like she takes away everything else from him. He vows to defeat her, in Maho Mushi, once and for all.

At the climax, Timmy and Vicky enter Maho Mushi and appear in a fighting arena. They use the power of their remotes to battle each other, control giant fighting robots to battle each other, fire blasts from the remote, and use the remotes as glowing swords to attack each other. Battling to a stalemate, Timmy realizes the only way to defeat Vicky is to become old enough that Cosmo and Wanda's magic goes away, and the remotes will stop working. He ages himself all the way to age eighteen, and the remotes stop working. However, the Fairy Taxi arrives to take Cosmo and Wanda away. The fairies resist, so a tractor beam begins to suck them toward the taxi. Before it can get them both, the fairies make Timmy 10 years old again, so he gets to keep his fairies. Timmy gets both of the remotes back and recharges their power, using them to blast Vicky out of television and back into her room. She lands roughly in her bed, thinking it was all a dream. However, Vicky gets a cryptic message attached to a Timmy doll through the window of her bedroom, telling that Vicky is in really big trouble. Timmy has finally won the battle as he, Cosmo and Wanda leave the program, and Timmy is still worried that his parents are still mad at him for what he has done.

Back home, the Turners plead Doug Dimmadome for his help using the cable station to broadcast a message to Timmy, because they were sure that wherever he was, he was in front of a TV. As Doug Dimmadome debates with himself whether to help the Turners or have security remove them (since Timmy has both helped and foiled Doug Dimmadome in the past), the Turners sneak by him and use the studio cameras to broadcast a message to every channel on TV, apologizing to Timmy for not believing that Vicky is evil and told him that he must come home because they love him. Timmy sees the message while he is surfing through the TV Universe and decides that it is time to return home. When his parents finish the broadcast, he appears out of the TV, hugs them and reconcile.

Back at the Turner household, Mr. and Mrs. Turner finally confront Vicky for being a cruel and nasty babysitter and fire her as they told her that she could've been nicer to Timmy. However, Timmy uses the remote to pause everything, and then wished the remotes never existed, and nobody would remember all of this happened. Timmy realizes that without Vicky around to make him miserable, he would lose his godparents forever. He wishes that everyone forgot all the events that happened over the course of his adventure. The wish is granted, and a wave of magic erased everything that happened including Vicky's firing, Tootie's evidence against Vicky, and her, Chester, and A.J.'s memories of the event.

With everything peaceful and back to normal, Timmy decides to bury a time capsule, which includes a photograph of Timmy and his two goldfish. He buries it next to a flower and a tree, and tells Cosmo and Wanda that when he is grown, he will not make the same mistakes that his parents made. Wanda says that it is a beautiful day and there is so much to do outside, but Timmy and Cosmo would rather go inside and watch television.

20 years later in the Year 2022, the future Dimmsdale is a normal, technologically advanced place. Timmy's children, Tommy and Tammy, are unearthing Timmy's old time capsule. The children take the time capsule to their father Timmy, who is now a working man at the age of 30, dressed in a tie and getting ready for work. His children ask about the time capsule, as Timmy views the photograph he removed from it. As a result of his age, Timmy no longer remembers his fairies and sees only normal goldfish. Timmy pockets the picture and leaves for work, ironically leaving his children under the care of a violent babysitter robot modeled after Vicky.

His children beg for him to take them with him, when it is revealed that Cosmo and Wanda are watching over them as goldfish like they did for Timmy 20 years ago, they remark that some things never change, and we end with Cosmo trying to say "That's all, folks!", much like Porky Pig from Looney Tunes in a square bullseye instead of a round bullseye. Then Wanda appears and asks, "Cosmo, what's the matter with you?" and Cosmo says, "Nothing. It's just really cold in here!" while freezing, and Wanda glances at the camera with a weird expression.

TV shows and channels[edit]

Contained in the deleted song "If I Lived in TV" were parodies of Three's Company, Barney & Friends, The Six Million Dollar Man, Star Wars, Happy Days, The Today Show, The Late Show, Saturday Night Live (featuring The Blues Brothers; Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda as the Coneheads; Ed Grimley; Franz from "Pumping Up with Hans & Franz;" Garth and Wayne from "Wayne's World"; and Mr. Bill), Friends, American Idol, Diff'rent Strokes, and Survivor.[2]



Butch Hartman & Steve Marmel were nominated at the 32nd Annie Award for Writing in a Television Production in 2005.[5]


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