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Charlie Allan (2014)

Charlie Allan (born 27 February 1963) is a Scottish actor and musician. He is the Chief Executive of The Clanranald Trust for Scotland,[1] a recognized non-profit organization in Scotland, which would spread and revive primarily Scottish culture and Scottish heritage through entertainment and education. For this purpose, a replica of a medieval Scottish village named Duncarron has been constructed.[2]

He is also the bandleader of the Scottish band Saor Patrol.[3]

He is the Chief of Combat International and the Scottish Federation of Medieval Martial Arts (SFMMA). Saor Patrol, Combat International and the SFMMA are parts of The Clanranald Trust for Scotland. He played small roles in films like Gladiator and Robin Hood.[4] Since making Gladiator he is friends with Russell Crowe, who supports him in his Duncarron project.[5][6][7][8][9]


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