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IndustryJoint-stock company
Revenue$41.9 million[1] (2017)
$4.39 thousand[1] (2017)
$3.51 thousand[1] (2017)
Total assets$5.63 million[1] (2017)
Total equity$7.64 thousand[1] (2017)
OwnerMinistry of Property and Land Relations of the Chechen Republic[2] Edit this on Wikidata

ChechenAvto (Russian: Чеченавто) is a Russian automobile manufacturer based in Argun, Chechnya. Established as a machine-building plant in 1960, it acquired its current status in 2008. It was known as Pishchemash until 1991, and was part of the Malyshev Factory industrial group.[3]

The first vehicles came out of the plant in 2009, but it was closed the following year for modernization, with production resuming in 2011.[4] The yearly output was initially projected at 50,000 vehicles,[4] but only 6,700 cars were produced in 2016.[5] In 2014 it was reported that cars produced in the plant have a poor reputation for quality, which is said to be lower compared to AvtoVAZ cars manufactured elsewhere.[6]



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