Chindawol uprising

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Chindawol uprising
Part of the War in Afghanistan
DateJune 23, 1979
Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Uprising put down

Democratic Republic of Afghanistan

  • Afghan Army
Flag of Hazaristan3.png Hazaras rebels
Commanders and leaders
Nur Muhammad Taraki
Hafizullah Amin

The Chindawol uprising was an insurrection that took place on June 23, 1979 in the Chindawol district in the old city of Kabul, Afghanistan. The rebellion was caused by the arrests of scholars and influential fighters of the city's Shia communities (Hazaras and Qizilbashs) by the ruling Khalq-PDPA government. Chindawol was predominantly populated by these communities. The protests started when residents attacked and held a police station that day, marching on the streets and on Joda-i Maiwand whilst shouting religious and anti-government slogans.[1] Several thousands took part. The government brutally cracked down on them in a four-hour battle and around 2,000 Hazaras were arrested and executed.[2][3]

It was the first popular uprising of 1979 that occurred in Kabul.

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