Chiriba language

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Native toBolivia
RegionMoxos Province
Extinct(date missing)
  • Mainline Panoan
    • Nawa
      • Bolivian
        • Chiriba
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)

Chiriba (Chiriva) is a poorly attested language of Moxos Province, Bolivia which may have belonged to the Panoan family. All that was recorded of it was a list of seven words; several of these resemble Panoan languages, especially Pakawara, and none resemble other language families. Unattested Chumana is reported to have been related.[2]


Chíriva word list from the late 1790s published in Palau and Saiz (1989):[3]:170

Spanish gloss English gloss Chíriva
bueno good sheoma
malo bad besoma
el padre father reomo
la madre mother yllquite
el hermano brother ycoyo
uno one tevisí
dos two jorová

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