Chongling River

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The Chongling River (Chinese: 舂陵水), also known as Jiao River (Chinese: 茭河) and Lingyuan River (Chinese: 菱源河), is a right-bank tributary and one of the largest tributaries of the middle Xiang River in Hunan, China. The river rises in the Renxingling Mountains (Chinese: 人形岭) of Lanshan County. Its main stream runs generally south to north through Lansghan, Jiahe, Xintian, Xintian, Leiyang, Changning and Hengnan counties, and it joins the Xiang at Jiaohekou (Chinese: 茭河口) of Hengnan. The Chongling River has a length of 223 kilometres (139 mi), with its tributaries, and the drainage basin covers an area of 6,623 square kilometres (2,557 sq mi).[citation needed]


Coordinates: 26°36′08″N 112°37′06″E / 26.6021°N 112.6183°E / 26.6021; 112.6183