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Churachandpur District
Location of Churachandpur district in Manipur
Location of Churachandpur district in Manipur
Coordinates: 24°20′N 93°41′E / 24.333°N 93.683°E / 24.333; 93.683Coordinates: 24°20′N 93°41′E / 24.333°N 93.683°E / 24.333; 93.683
Country India
 • Total4,570 km2 (1,760 sq mi)
Area rank1 (of 9)
(District headquarters)
914.4 m (3,000.0 ft)
 • Total271,274
 • Rank5 (of 9)
 • Density59/km2 (150/sq mi)
 • Percent of state
Literacy (2001)
 • Literacy Rate84.29%[1] (Rank 2/9)
 • Literacy by gender
  • Male 88.34%[1]
  • Female 80.13%[1]
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
795128 (CCPur), 795006 (New Lamka CCPur)
Telephone code03874
Vehicle registrationMN
Sex ratio969 females per 1000 males[1]

Churachandpur (Pron:/'tʃʊraːˌtʃaːnɗpʊr/), also known as churachandpur district, is one of the 16 districts in the southwestern corner of the Indian state of Manipur that covers an area of 4,750 kilometres (2,950 mi). Churachandpur district which was previously known as Manipur South District came into existence in the year 1969 alongwith the district reorganization of Manipur.[2] It is locally known as LAMKA and is the most populous hill district of the state.


The land was founded and settled by the hill people or tribals.

The present greater Lamka town is formed with the expansion of the villages settled by the tribal communities.


Mata Dam in 2006

As of the 2011 census, Churachandpur district had a population of 271,274 most of whom are Kuki-Chin-Mizo (Zo)-Zomi people,[3] roughly equal to that of Barbados.[4] This gives it a ranking of 575th in India (out of a total of 640 districts).[3] It has a population density of 59 inhabitants per square kilometre (150/sq mi).[3] Its population growth rate over the decade 2001–2011 was 19.03%.[3] Churachandpur has a sex ratio of 969 females for every 1000 males,[3] and a literacy rate of 84.29%.[3]


Churachandpur is both flat and hilly.

Mata Dam (Khuga Dam) is located towards the south of Churachandpur town. This dam was inaugurated by Smt. Sonia Gandhi in 2010. This dam was constructed to fulfil the requirement of electricity and water in the nearby areas. Tourists can visit the artificial lake, which is a part of this dam.

Towns And Villages[edit]

Prominent villages are Hiangtam Lamka, Zenhang Lamka, Tuibong,Bijang,Chiengkonpang, D. Phailen, Bungmual, Pearsonmun, Hilltown, New Lamka,Thingkangphai, Mata, Tangnuam, Singngat, Behiang, Suangdoh, Mualnuam, Songtal, Lungthul, Thanlon, Kaihlam, Leizangphai, Mata Lambulane, Mission Compound, Ngurte, Tuaitengphai, Rengkai, Saikot, Neihsial Veng, Sangaikot, Saidan, Tuithapi, Khomawi, Bethel, Koite, Khengjang, Kangvai.

Many villages become part of the greater Lamka town.


Major languages spoken are Thadou, Paite, Hmar, Vaiphei, Lusei (Mizo), Zou, Simte, Gangte, Kom, Aimol, Thangkhal/Mate, Chothe etc and also varieties within each of these languages. Apart from the local languages English, Hindi and Manipuri (Meitei) are also used. Most of the native people can understand each other even though they speak different languages.

There are also fewer than 3,000 speakers of the Sino-Tibetan Aimol language, which is written using Latin script.[5]


Majority of the local communities of Churachandpur/Lamka follow Christianity as their religion. Hinduism, Islam and Judaism are other prominent religions among residents of the district


Churachandpur has many good educational institutions.



Hermon English School

Ebenezer Academy

Rayburn High School

St. Paul Institute

St. Peter's School

Don Bosco High School

Young Learners' School

Bluestar Academy

Sielmat Christian Higher Secondary School

Lalpuithluai Foundation School

V.K Tawna High School

Assemblies of God High School

Chinkham Modern High School, Zomi Colony

Dawn High School

Saint Mary High School

Mount Carmel School

Royal Academy,D Phailen

Convention Eng.Jr. High School, Bukpi


Phungkhothang Govt. Jr. High School

Gandhi Memorial Government High School, Molnom

Churachandpur Government School

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya

Kendriya Vidyalaya Churachandpur

Saikot Govt. High School

Bijangloubuk Jr. High School

Dr. Ambedkar High School, New Lamka

Hill Model High School, Singngat

Hiangtam Govt. Aided Jr. High School, Singngat

Keirap Aimol High School, Komkeirap

Kangvai Secondary School

Chothe Jr. High School, Samulamlan

New Bazar Govt. Jr. High School

Tuibong Jr. High School

Lamzang Govt. High School

Lanva Model High School

Thangkai Govt. High School

Rengkai High School

Vimala Raina High School

Bunglon High School

Vungbuk Govt. Jr. High School

Lungchin Jr. High School

Suangdoh Jr. High School

Songtal High School

Sinzawl Govt. Jr. High School


Churachandpur Government College


Rayburn College [6]

Bethany Christian College

Grace Bible College [7]

Evangelical College of Theology

Trinity College and Seminary

Discipleship Theological seminary(DTS)


Churachandpur College [8]

Lamka College

Private Universities[edit]

Sangai International University


District Hospital Churachandpur is located within the Lamka town. Initially it was a Dispensary with few staffs and in the year 1968 it became a 50 bedded Civil Hospital which was inaugurated by Shri Baleswar Prasad, Chief Commissioner of Manipur on 8/6/1968. The hospital was extended with another 50 bedded new building inaugurated on 17.5.1985 by the then Medical Minister Shri T.Phungzathang Tonsing and became a 100 bedded one. The present Building OPD block was inaugurated on 31/05/2002 and O.T wing on 23/12/2013 and lastly the Trauma Centre on 19/07/2014 by the Hon’ble Chief Minister in presence of Health Minister and Industries Minister. The Government of Manipur approved upgrading the hospital to 200 bedded ward and start the process of making it a Hill Medical College under the leadership of Hon’ble Medical Minister.[9]

On 23rd February, 2016, the National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre Team visited the District Hospital, Churachandpur. After that, the Centre team approved to open DTC (Drug Treatment Clinic).

The hospital implements Janani/Suraksa Yogana and Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakaram under National Health Mission.

Public Hospitals[edit]

District Hospital Churachandpur

Private Hospitals[edit]

CCPUR Nursing Home (Dr Kimboi's clinic)

Nazareth Nursing Home

Sielmat Christian Hospital

Grace Nursing Home

Nursing School[edit]

Bethesda School of Nursing

Tunnu School of Nursing


The Gross Domestic Product(GDP) and Per Capita Income(PCI) are still low due to dominant agriculture and traditional economic activities. However there is huge changes in recent times. Micro, small and medium enterprises slowly penetrate the main business town since the past decades mainly due to better road connectivity and entrepreneurial spirit of the community.

In 2006 the Ministry of Panchayati Raj named Churachandpur one of the country's most impoverished districts (out of a total of 640).[10] It is one of the three districts in Manipur currently[when?] receiving funds from the Backward Regions Grant Fund (BRGF).[10]

Reputed financial institutions has its presence in the district. State Bank of India (SBI), United Bank of India (UBI), Canara Bank, Vijaya Bank, Axis Bank, UCO Bank, Manipur Rural Bank, Co-operative Bank, Central Bank of India and ICICI set up their branches at various locations. SBI with its four branches within the district is the largest bank with the maximum footfall.


The location is north of Tropic of Cancer in northern hemisphere, it has summer season in March, April and May with warm, hot and sunny weather. Rainy season starts April and last till October. The winter season is cool and dry.

Climate data for Lamka[11]
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High °C 27 28 36 36 34 39 37 39 38 34 32 28
Low °C 7 4 14 18 21 22 24 25 22 19 16 8


Jhuming cultivation is predominant in most part of the district. Rice is the most popular crop produced and consumed by the local community.


Major towns of the district are connected by roads. National Highway(NH) 2 and NH 102B passes through the district headquarter, major towns and villages. The district is connected with Imphal by Tedim road (National Highway 2). Tedim road was expanded as part of the British war efforts to connect Imphal with the Burmese town of Tedim during World War II. Tipaimukh road that connects the district headquarters with Mizoram state is also one important road in the district. Another important road that connects Lamka with Mizoram is the Guite road.


Nearest airport from churachandpur is Imphal Airport at Imphal which is about 60 Km.


The major private television channels/cables are Angels Vision Digital Cable, Hornbill Cable Network and Tullou TV.

Manipur Express and Lamka Post are Churachandpur's largest daily newspapers.

Government, Politics and Administration[edit]

Administration is carried out by the Deputy Commissioners or District Magistrates with support of the District level officer and Block Development officers. The district collector office is located at Tuibuang/Tuibuong.

At the district level there is Autonomous Districts Council (ADC) created by the "The Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council Act, 1971,” passed by the Parliament. The Autonomous District Council is to administer areas which have been given autonomy within the states under Manipur(Hill Areas) District Councils Act, 1971. In accordance with this Act Autonomous (Hill) District Council (AHDC) is empowered to maintain and manage of property: movable and immovable, and institutions under their jurisdiction.[12] Churachandpur Autonomous District Council has 24 constituencies.[13]

The administrative setup of Churachandpur District.[14]

  1. Sub Divisions & Blocks
  2. Autonomous District Councils
  3. Towns
  4. Police Stations
  5. Assembly Constituencies

Arts and Culture[edit]

Local communities are deeply rooted in their traditional culture. The influence of modern culture can also be observed among the people.


Local tribal communities are non-vegetarian by tradition and consume meat during festivals and gatherings. Vegetables are also very popular among the communities.


Football is the most popular sports in Churachandpur. It has several football clubs playing at district and state level leagues. Ganggam Soccer Club (GSC), United Khozim Brothers (UKB), Lamka Sporting Club (LSC), New Lamka Youth Club (NLYC), Kholmun youth club, Zenhang Lamka Youth Club (ZLYC), Lenlai Club, Zomi Football Club (ZFC), Rengkai Athletic and Cultural Club (RACC) and Bungmual Youth Club (BYC) are some of the clubs. Lamka Public Ground, Tuibong Peace Ground, Rengkai field, Bungmual field and PZT Stadium are football ground that host football matches.


Traditional music and instruments like Khuang(traditional instrument) are popular in social gatherings. Khuang is also used in Churches.


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