Clan Udny

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Clan Udny
MottoAll my hope is in God[1]
Udny of Udny arms.svg
Clan Udny has no chief, and is an armigerous clan
Historic seatUdny Castle or Knockhall Castle
Last ChiefThe Udny of Udny

Clan Udny is a Scottish armigerous clan from Aberdeenshire, Scotland.[1]

Arms for Udny of the Ilk have been recorded on three occasions in the Lyon Register;[2] 1672-7, 1748–51 and 1789.

The family Udny of Udny possessed the barony of Udny in Aberdeenshire for several generations prior to 1875. Udny Castle was probably initially constructed by the Udny family in the 14th or 15th century.

The name has been spelled sometimes as Widney and Uldney.[3] Scottish folk singer Jock Duncan said about the pronunciation of Udny, when commenting on his song about the Aberdeenshire town of Udny on his CD Ye Shine Whar Ye Stan!: "I’ve heard many versions o it - an tunes an aa, fen I wis young. Widney wis the pronunciation. Never naebody heard o Udny: ‘It’s Widney boy - are ye gaun doun tae Widney the nicht?’"[4]


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