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Clean Edge, Inc.
HeadquartersPortland, Oregon and Oakland, California
Key people
Ron Pernick, Co-Founder and Managing Director; Clint Wilder, Senior Editor; Joel Makower, Co-Founder
ProductsClean-tech research and consulting

Clean Edge, Inc., founded in 2000, is an American research and advisory firm devoted to the clean-tech sector. The firm is best known for its research reports, such as the annually published Clean Energy Trends[1] report which has tracked leading trends and the solar, wind and other markets for more than 11 years,[2] State and Metro Clean Energy Indexes which track and analyze more than 100 indicators of cleantech development at the state and metro-levels,[3] and also provides a range of other research and consulting products and services.[4] The firm also partners with NASDAQ OMX to produce three clean-energy focused stock indexes - CELS for US clean energy,[5] QWND for global wind energy[6] and QGRD for global smart grid.[7] Clean Edge analysts are regularly quoted in the media and the firm has offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland, Oregon.

In 2007, Clean Edge's Ron Pernick and Clint Wilder authored The Clean Tech Revolution: The Next Big Growth and Investment Opportunity and in 2012, Pernick and Wilder authored a sequel called Clean Tech Nation: How the U.S. Can Lead in the New Global Economy (HarperCollins, September 2012).[8] The latest book from Clean Edge's directors has been recommended by U.S. President Bill Clinton, Reed Hundt, Hunter Lovins, NRG Energy CEO David Crane, and others.

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