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Coffeeshop Company
IndustryRestaurants, Retail Coffee and Tea
FoundedIn 1999
HeadquartersNeusiedl am See, Austria Neusiedl am See, Austria
Key people
Reinhold Schärf, CEO
ProductsCoffee, Tea, Snacks

Coffeeshop Company is an Austrian family enterprise and part of the Schärf Group of companies. It has specialized in the production of high quality Espresso coffee from highland Arabica coffee beans. Coffeeshop Company operates as a franchise based system of coffee shops in Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, the United States, Russia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia Mexico. The headquarters of the Coffeeshop Company is the Schärf World „The Art of Coffee“, located in Neusiedl am See.


The Coffeeshop Company was founded in 1999 as a part of the Schärf Group. In the same year the first Coffeeshop Company shop in Vienna was opened. This first shop has been operated by the Coffeeshop Company itself and it was used to ascertain the future chances of success for the whole concept. The script nameplate “Home in Vienna” as a part of the Coffeeshop Company’s logo is connected with the opening of the first store in Vienna. Already in the founding stage the company accessed the resources of the Schärf group of companies. The whole concept is based on the “everything from one hand principle”. All the components, products and ideas have been taken over from the Schärf group of companies. Especially the 50 years experience of the Schärf and Söhne GmbH regarding the coffee preparation was used.

In the year 2000 further shops opened, primarily in Vienna. The Coffeeshop Company wins the US-American route “Carnival Cruise Line” over, as cooperation partner. Ever since, unique Coffeeshop Company corners can be found on their cruise liners. Hence, the Coffeeshop Company spreads its modern and hip concept around the world.

In 2001 the Coffeeshop Company became an individual enterprise within the Schärf group of companies. The first mobile coffeeshop was put into operation for the servicing of events. The first franchise holder closed contracts with the Coffeeshop Company. The number of the Coffeeshop Company stores is increasing. Expansion of the Franchise system based shops was especially pushed ahead in Austria and Germany. Furthermore, the Coffeeshop Company came to a new idea: the first mobile Coffeeshop for the support of different events began to operate.

In 2002 the number of shops of the Coffeeshop Company rose to six shops in Germany and Austria. And the expansion kept proceeding rapidly. A second mobile coffee shop was put into operation and already eleven cruiser lines established a Schärf-Coffeeshop-Corner

In 2003, 17 new shops were opened in Germany and Austria.

Since 2004, further expansion was undertaken, specifically in the new member states of the European Union as well as in Arabian markets.

In 2005 the number of shops worldwide increased to the 84 shops. The Schärf group of companies experienced a sudden jolt, when the brand-new headquarters, “Schärf World – The Art for Coffee” opened its gates.

In 2006, more than 100 shops were established creating the big Coffeeshop Company chain of shops.

In 2011, the first shop in Mexico opens its doors.


Coffeeshop Company is based on the Franchise system successfully following new business trends. At the same time Coffeeshop Company operates some of the stores on its own. Since 2001 the Coffeeshop Company is a separate enterprise within the Schärf group of companies. Therefore, it is a family enterprise and it is managed by Reinhold Schärf. At the moment the company counts to 300 employees working in different departments from service to marketing. At the end of 2008 the Coffeeshop Company is present in 14 countries with 180 shops and it aims to expand even more specially concentrating on the East European market.

The Coffeeshop Company is a new and unique interpretation of the traditional Viennese café. Also, the company focuses on the Coffee-To-Go and other Espresso coffee specialties. The coffee used in the Coffeeshop Company stores is produced and distributed by the Alexander Schärf & Sons GmbH itself. In the stores, as a part of the offer, some own tea brands as well as modern and popular snacks could be found. In the production of the Coffeeshop Company specialties only the Highland – Arabica coffee beans are used. All the coffee roasting is conducted in the Schärf - World “The Art of Coffee” by the company’s own roasting master.

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