Colegio Militar metro station

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Metro Colegio Militar pictogram.svg Colegio Militar
STC rapid transit
Station entrance sign, 22 December 2006
LocationCalzada México-Tacuba
Popotla, Miguel Hidalgo
Mexico City
Coordinates19°26′58″N 99°10′20″W / 19.449354°N 99.172254°W / 19.449354; -99.172254Coordinates: 19°26′58″N 99°10′20″W / 19.449354°N 99.172254°W / 19.449354; -99.172254
Platforms2 side platform
Structure typeUnderground
Opened14 September 1970
20195,575,408[1]Decrease 0.3%
Preceding station Mexico City Metro.svg STC Following station
Popotla Line 2 Normal
toward Tasqueña
Colegio Militar is located in Mexico City Central
Colegio Militar
Metro Colegio Militar pictogram.svg Colegio Militar
Location within Mexico City Central

Metro Colegio Militar is a station on Line 2 of the Mexico City Metro system.[2][3] It is located in the Miguel Hidalgo municipality of Mexico City, northwest of the city centre, on Calzada México-Tacuba.[2] In 2019 the station had an average ridership of 15,275 passengers per day.[1]

Name and pictogram[edit]

Colegio Militar means Military College and the station was named in reference to the Heroic Military College that existed in the vicinity of the Popotla neighbourhood from 1920, when it was inaugurated by President Venustiano Carranza, until 1976, when it was moved to its current location in the south of Mexico City.[2]

The station's pictogram shows the stylised coat of arms of the Military Academy.[2][3]

General information[edit]

The station opened on 14 September 1970 as part of the second stretch of Line 2, from Pino Suárez to Tacuba.[4]

Metro Colegio Militar serves the Colonia Anáhuac and Colonia Un Hogar para Nosotros neighborhood. The same facilities where the Military Academy once stood now house the Universidad del Ejército y Fuerza Aérea Mexicanos (Mexican Army and Air Force University).

From 2017 the station's walls have been covered with pictures depicting and honoring the Mexican Army and Air Force during their duty.[5]


Annual passenger ridership
Year Ridership Average daily Rank % Change Ref.
2019 5,575,408 15,275 119/195 –0.31% [1]
2018 5,592,756 15,323 119/195 [6]


  • North: Calzada México-Tacuba, Colonia Un Hogar para Nosotros
  • Southwest: Calzada México-Tacuba and Felipe Carrillo Puerto street, Colonia Anáhuac
  • Southeast: Calzada México-Tacuba and Felipe Carrillo Puerto street, Colonia Anáhuac

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